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Car trade in Dubai is one of the most popular spheres, even though there is no own ...


Green Line Marine Cargo LLC has ships and aircrafts, road and rail ...


International oversea transport is one of the most difficult for the development of customs activities.


Freight air transportation is the fastest way to deliver your goods from the sender to the destination.


Carriage of goods by rail is becoming increasingly popular due to its relatively ...


A popular method of transporting goods from the UAE is container shipping. The company provides all ...


The most common type of cargo transportation is transport by road. This is one of the most popular types of cargo delivery.


To protect yourself financially, any self-respecting entrepreneur, whether buyer or seller...


Car trade in Dubai is one of the most popular spheres, even though there is no own ...


Choose a combined type of transportation from Green Line Marine Cargo LLC, and your plans will always be fulfilled on time!


Registration of customs documentation is not the fastest procedure.


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In Kyrgyzstan, services for the delivery of goods from the Emirates are provided by Green Line Marine Cargo LLC.


Professionalism, experience and fine-tuned work of the company guarantee the safety and prompt delivery of cars and other goods delivered from Dubai


International shipments are very popular. Against this background, the delivery of goods and vehicles from the UAE is becoming more and more active, it is both profitable and practical.

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The company Green Line Marine Cargo LLC has been operating in the field of freight forwarding services since 2010. Extensive experience in the field of international freight traffic allows us to provide services at the highest level. The authority of the company is also proved by the fact that many large firms, including well-known car dealers, trust it. The priority is the transportation of goods from the Emirates to Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other CIS countries.

Proof of quality and speed of service is the fact that in April 2013, Green Line Marine Cargo LLC entered the top three winners of Dubai Customs in the nomination "The largest transport company in Dubai". The selection took place according to the criteria of load volume, quality and reliability of service.

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