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Green Line Marine Cargo LLC provides multimodal transportation services from the UAE. The essence of such deliveries lies in the combination of several types of transport. For example, land and sea. Or ground and air.

From the Emirates, we transport various products - electrical engineering, textiles, non-ferrous metals (primarily aluminum), rubber goods, ceramic products, food products, cars, jewelry and much more.

One of the leading positions in such cargo transportation is taken by car delivery from the UAE. This category is in great demand all over the world. And we deliver your orders across the CIS and any other countries of the world.

For multimodal transport we use special containers. Such transport guarantees a relatively good speed of delivery, the safety of goods and savings in cash costs. Constant re-sorting of the goods is not required, the cargo clearly goes along the designated route, and the container itself is guarded during such transport.

Order multimodal transport of your products from the UAE at Green Line Marine Cargo LLC. It is fast, profitable, safe and reliable!

Multimodal cargo transportation from Green Line Marine Cargo LLC is an excellent alternative to delivery by one of the types of transportation. Combining several types of transport (by land, sea routes, by air), you significantly save money on time and money costs.

The essence of such transportation is the optimal combination of several modes of transport. For such shipments from the UAE, special containers are usually used. They ensure the safety of cargo when moving from one mode of transport to another.

So, you can choose motor transport and delivery by plane for faster transportation. Or combine, for example, oversea transport with transport by road or railway delivery. This is especially true in those cases where it is possible to transport goods to a certain country only by sea routes.

Multimodal cargo transportation in containers from our company is the key to success and prosperity of your business, timely delivery, optimal prices for transportation costs, safety of cargo at all stages of following.

Choose a combined type of transportation from Green Line Marine Cargo LLC, and your plans will always be fulfilled on time!

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