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Oversea transport

International oversea transport is one of the most difficult for the development of customs activities. Difficulty is due to the fact that this area is based on a variety of sources of legal regulation. In addition, there are also standards established under numerous conventions and domestic legislation in individual countries participating in international transport. All this in aggregate greatly complicates this already complex topic.

Oversea transport is the main, and in some cases the only possible way to deliver goods during intercontinental transportation. The main advantages of oversea transport should include their low cost on long-haul routes and non-criticality to the parameters and type of cargo.

During the sea transportation of goods, the most widespread are container shipments, which are an integral part of multimodal transportation. The use of containers for the movement of goods by different modes of transport significantly reduces the cost and time of delivery of goods. This is due to the exclusion of the cost of cargo reloading and increasing the processing speed of vehicles. By virtue of their undeniable merits, sea container transportation rightfully occupies a leading position in the transport services market.

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