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Customs clearance

Registration of customs documentation is not the fastest procedure. In addition, it requires certain knowledge and skills. For proper customs clearance of the transported products, it is necessary to have well-established relations with countries of exporters and countries of importers.

Green Line Marine Cargo LLC has been engaged in cargo transportation from the United Arab Emirates to European and CIS countries for several years.

The main advantage of our work is efficiency! It is the speed of customs clearance of your goods that allows you not only to invest in clearly defined terms, but even to make these shipments faster.

Customs clearance includes:

Filing a declaration. The form and legal details are checked. Control coding. The coding of foreign economic activity is selected, the goods are checked for the possibility of granting a preferential tariff. Controlling currency. Compliance with the method of calculation and the customs value of products is checked. Validation of solvency. Here, the information specified in the declaration, benefits, preferences, deadlines for filing an application is checked. It also excludes arrears of customs duties, payment falls on the account of customs. Cargo release. The last stage of the customs clearance. Previous items are re-checked. If necessary, some information is clarified, inspection is carried out. With the positive decision of the customs authority allowed the carriage of goods across the border.

Product clearance procedure

Only at first glance cargo customs clearance looks like a simple task. Even experienced brokers sometimes cannot solve the current situation at customs in view of the constantly changing regulations of the state legislative framework. Therefore, entrust this mission to real professionals, specialists of Green Line Marine Cargo LLC! As our long-term experience shows, the key to success in various cargo transportation is the correct selection of a transporting vehicle, and well-established relations with participants, importers and exporters.

Our company provides the following services:

full documentation of cargo; calculation of the cost of customs clearance; competent drafting of a contract for the import or export of goods; product declaration (both in paper and in electronic form); we carry out selection of foreign trade activities for a certain cargo; we carry out a written report on the stages of transportation.

Specialists of Green Line Marine Cargo LLC will advise you on issues of interest relating to cargo customs clearance.

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