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Railway transportation

Carriage of goods by rail is becoming increasingly popular due to its relatively low price and safe delivery.

When transporting your cargo, we take into account the specifics of the cargo, its quantity and terms of delivery. We will help you to reduce your expenses for cargo delivery, but at the same time preserving the quality of transportation. Equipment of our warehouses with all the necessary equipment allows us to load cargo onto railway transport without any problems. It is very important for us that your cargo arrives at the end station safely and securely, so we pay great attention to securing the cargo.

We provide any type of railway wagons and in any quantity you need. Depending on the specifics of the cargo, we will select the car that is necessary for the transport of your cargo, whether it be railway platforms, cars of open or closed type. Transportation of dangerous (ADR) and oversized cargo is carried out with the observance of special security measures, and only in specially dedicated cars.

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